Chichibu Geogravity Park

Chichibu's great nature activity! Japan's first gravity-based activity park!

3H ¥3,500~¥25,000 Nature Adventure Recommendation
More than 1.5H from Tokyo

Chichibu Geogravity Park offers a full set of adrenaline rushing, exciting gravity related dare devilish activities for everyone to enjoy, well for those seeking fun at least. The city of Chichibu is located about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Tokyo. Chichibu Geogravity Park was created in 2019 as Japan's first gravity-based Activity Park. Gravity Park is operated, with the strictest safety management in place, to provide maximum enjoyment. We dare say that you will enjoy yourself to the fullest, with the many of our “first-of-a-kind” activities in Japan!

Recommended point

Walk across the Chichibu Canyon and challenge your fears with a Canyon Walk.
The bridge shakes left, right, up and down, and crossing it will have your adrenaline flowing.

Recommended point

The Canyon Fly at Gravity Park is a smooth and fast Zip line ride over the Chichibu canyon – 100 metres across and over 50 metres above the valley river. Take in the scenic surrounds as you soar through the air safely and touch down on the other side.

Recommended point

The Canyon Bungee at Gravity Park is Japan’s newest bungee jump – a smooth and safe 50m jump out over the scenic Chichibu canyon valley. This is the first bungee jump from a jump deck suspended only by wires in Japan (different from the Tower Bungee and Bridge Bungee).


730-4 Arakawaniegawa, Chichibu-shi, Saitama 369-1911 Japan

Access Information

■Train : 10 minutes walk from Mitsumineguchi Station, the last stop of Chichibu Railway.
■Car : From Tokyo
From Hanazono IC on Kanetsu Expressway, approx. 1 hour via Route 140 and Minano Yorii Bypass
From Hidaka Sayama IC, Kanetsu Expressway, Route 299 - Chichibu - Route 140
From Yamanashi
From Kofu Showa IC, Chuo Expressway, approx. 2.5 hours via Route 140 and Karisaka Tunnel. *Karisaka Tunnel is a toll road.

Phone number


Business hours

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (last admission at 4:00 PM).
Please check the official website for availability of each activity.

Regular holidays and closed days

Irregular, in other words, no pre-set regular days off.
Please check availability for each activity.


Ranging from ¥3,500 -¥25,000 depending on the activity.

Parking Information

Parking is not available at these premises. Paid parking is available nearby.

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