[SOLD OUT] Held on January 25th (Thursday) to 26th (Friday), 2024 Chichibu Premium Whiskey Experience Tour aboard Restaurant Train

Embark on the Exclusive Chichibu Bar-Hopping Express!

¥100,000 Nature Gourmet
More than 1.5H from Tokyo

Indulge in a luxurious ""Chichibu Bar Hopping Tour"" aboard a special train. The program is rich with experiences, starting with a private reservation of the ""Fifty Two Seats of Happiness Express,"" a sightseeing restaurant train where you'll enjoy a special lunch paired with premium Japanese whiskey ""Ichiro's Malt,"" meticulously curated by the chef. Following this, an exclusive tour awaits at the typically restricted ""Venture Whisky Chichibu Distillery."" Afterward, you can savor an overnight stay at a traditional Japanese architectural gem, the ""Old Folk House Hotel."" The journey concludes with a special Chichibu Bar Hopping experience, as you disembark from the train to relish Chichibu Whiskey at local bars to your heart's content.

Please check the details and schedule for the day here.

Number of Participants : 20 people (Minimum Operating Capacity : 10 people)
Please be sure to check the travel conditions document before applying.

Recommended point

Exclusive Charter of the Sightseeing Restaurant Train "Fifty Two Seats of Happiness Express," ! Enjoy a special lunch paired with premium Japanese whiskey "Ichiro's Malt" and the chef's gracious hospitality.

Recommended point

Stay at a traditional Japanese architecture "Old Folk House Hotel." After check-in, enjoy free time. Experience bar hopping and more at your leisure.

Recommended point

Normally inaccessible! Special tour of the ""Venture Whisky Chichibu Distillery""
(Guided tour with explanations and a tasting session of Ichiro's Malt)
*Please note that whiskey bottle purchases are not available during the tour.

What is Ichiro’s Malt?

Ichiro’s Malt is a Japanese whiskey produced by “”Venture Whisky”” in Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture, from the headwaters of the Arakawa River.

It bears the name of its founder, Mr. Akuto, Ichiro. It has received the highest honors at the prestigious World Whisky Awards, including the 2023 edition, a total of six times, establishing itself as a globally acclaimed brand.

Its distinctive flavor has become its selling point, gaining popularity through word of mouth among dedicated whiskey enthusiasts. Currently, it is a brand that attracts attention from whiskey collectors worldwide.


Business hours

※This Tour is only available from January 25th (Friday) to January 26th (Saturday) in 2024.


¥100,000(Including Tax)per person


A tour guide (English-speaking) will accompany the entire itinerary.
Tour reservations are limited to individuals with foreign nationality (accompanying persons are not restricted).
The place of residence for individuals with foreign nationality can be either domestic or international.

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