Eraser Iwako

Retro, cute, and unique eraser assembling experience!

1H ¥0 Culture
1H from Tokyo

What the heck! This!" We are a company that makes erasers that will surprise you. These "fun erasers" are miniature versions of food, animals, stationery, and various other shapes. During the tour course, a guide will take you through the production process of erasers, which are made 24 hours a day without a break.

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The fun eraser factory tour is popular with small children and even foreigners!
You can assemble and purchase cute erasers of sushi and sweets.

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Interesting Eraser Assembly Experience
Tour Outline (90 minutes)
1) Factory tour 30 min.
(2) Talk by Mr. Iwasawa, founder of the company + 30 minutes to assemble a simple eraser kit
(3) Shop 30 min.
Start time
【1】 10:00~ 【2】 13:30~ 【3】 15:30~  3 times a day
maximum 30 people

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Visits are limited to elementary school students and older.
Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Please refrain from making visits in advance. We do not provide transportation.
Please make a reservation for each family.
Please be sure to make an appointment in advance.
★Reservations for guides, hire cars, and tours will be made at the Support Desk.
Please apply for it from the Inquiry Form. Please apply from the inquiry form.
Please contact us for more information.

For safety reasons, wheelchairs are not permitted.
For safety reasons, we do not allow visitors in wheelchairs.


184-1 Ose, Yashio-shi, Saitama 340-0822 Japan

Access Information

15 minutes walk from Tsukuba Express Yashio Station

Phone number


Business hours

Factory tours accepted every Saturday (*Reservations required) *Some weekdays during summer vacation


¥0 (products available for purchase for a fee)

Parking Information

Free of charge


Factory tour times: ① 10:00~ ② 13:30~ ③ 15:30~

Contact Support Desk

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