Private Satokagura Local Sacred Folk Dance Experience in Koedo Kawagoe

Watch, Dance, Raise a Toast!

2H From ¥5,000 Culture Recommendation
1H from Tokyo

Kagura stands as one of Japan's oldest forms of entertainment, steeped in ritualistic devotion to the gods. Preserved and passed down by the people, Sato-kagura represents a 'one-of-a-kind' experience plan where you can (1) watch, (2) dance, and (3) toast with the performers of Sato-kagura, carefully handed down in Kawagoe, where Edo culture from the 1600 to the 1800 endures. Capture the memories with as many photos as you like! Your guides, goodwill tourism ambassadors adorned in kimonos, will foster connections among participants by providing lively and easy-to-understand explanations. Whether joining alone or with others, a great time is assured. The tour concludes with a toast featuring seasonal sake from a local brewery, ensuring both participants and performers enjoy the experience. Plus, get insights directly from the performers themselves.

Recommended point

Meet at Hatago COEDOYA. Begin by introducing yourselves to fellow participants and listening to an explanation about Sato-kagura. Subsequently, we'll proceed on foot to a hidden practice venue, just about 5 minutes away.

Recommended point

Amidst a solemn atmosphere, begin by observing the performance. With a detailed pre-show explanation covering the story and key points, you're well-prepared. This enables you to understand the characters and the performance, making it an enjoyable experience.

Recommended point

Dancing adorned with genuine masks is a unique encounter, made even more luxurious by the live performance. This rare opportunity not only lets you experience the essence of Japanese culture but also allows you to connect with it through gestures like the bow of gratitude when donning the masks.
The time for the final toast and exchange is also a highlight of this tour. You can savor the delicious seasonal sake from a local brewery.


Koedo Kawagoe Tourism Goodwill Ambassador (Ms.) Ariya Vesolowski

Koedo Kawagoe Tourism Goodwill Ambassador (Ms.) Ariya Vesolowski

I believe there are a thousand ways to enjoy travel, seen through a thousand different perspectives. The tours I organize offer a unique experience that can only be fully appreciated by being in that specific place. While history and information can be found online, the opportunity to engage in conversations and connect with local people is an experience unparalleled elsewhere.

Japan’s rich traditional culture, passed down over generations, serves as a bridge for people to connect. I aspire to provide experiences that enrich your time and life. I hope you consider joining us!


8-1 Renjaku-cho, Kawagoe, Saitama (Meeting Point)

Access Information

approx. 50 mins
From Ikebukuro Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line, to Tokorozawa Sta., change to the Seibu-Shinjuku Line to Hon-Kawagoe Sta., It is a10 minute walk from Hon-kawagoe Station to the Meeting Point.

Phone number


Business hours

The 4th Friday of every Month, from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Regular holidays and closed days

The event is primarily held on the above-mentioned date and time, but it can also be scheduled on other dates and times upon request.


【 Without refreshments 】¥5,000 per person : Includes the guide and one glass of Sake to toast with.
【 With refreshments 】¥8,000 per person : Includes the guide, refreshments, a meal, drinks, and one glass of Sake to toast with.

Parking Information

None, but there are numerous coin-operated Parking lots nearby.

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