Experience a rafting tour at one of the foremost spots for rafting

Unleash your spirit of challenge! Experience an exhilarating rafting adventure in Nagatoro, Saitama, just 120 minutes from the heart of Tokyo!

3H ¥6,000~ Nature
1.5H from Tokyo

Experience the thrill of rafting just two-hours away from Tokyo! Dive into a 7-kilometer adventure, navigating the exciting rapids nestled between the majestic Chichibu Red Cliffs and the unique natural monument, Iwadatami, an exclusive experience you can only find here. The term "Iwadatami" translates to "rock tatami" or "rock platform." It refers to a natural formation of rocks that resemble the layout of traditional Japanese tatami mats, the key scenic spot along the river.

Our certified Rafting Association of Japan Guides, a.k.a RAJ Guides ensure a safe, secure, and, most importantly, enjoyable journey. This half-day escapade, lasting approximately 3 hours, includes photo data to capture those unforgettable moments.

With the tour content changing daily based on the water levels, each day brings new and unpredictable thrills! You'll never know what excitement awaits you, making every outing a unique and exhilarating experience.

Don't worry if you don't speak much Japanese as English speaking RAJ Guides are also available to make sure the adventure is as enjoyable as it is memorable!

Recommended point

During the rafting tour, the RAJ guides turn the rubber boat on its side in the rapids and ride the waves like surfing! River surfing is the climax of the tour, an insane but extremely exhilarating stunt, for sure!

Recommended point

Mid-tour, our RAJ Guides get playful, snapping shots of you as you disembark the boat and have a blast around waterfalls, all captured with waterproof cameras. Best part? You get to download these epic photos for free after the tour!

Recommended point

Grab the Boogieboard with your arms, don fins on your feet, and ride the river. This is the signature thrill at the Nagatoro Outdoor Center! "River Boogie" is akin to ocean bodyboarding but on the river instead. Your gaze is right at the fresh water's surface, allowing you to feel the flow with every inch of your body. It's an adrenaline rush like no other!

Navigating downstream, dodging rocks, and riding the current is a popular, uniquely Nagatoro tour. You haven't truly experienced it until you've tried it here!

While our tours are primarily reservation-based, spontaneous adventurers are welcome to join on the day if there’s availability! However, on weekends and holidays, it can get pretty bustling, so we highly recommend securing your spot with a reservation. Don’t worry about gear; we’ve got rentals in all sizes, making it totally cool for you to join us empty-handed! To rent everything, swimsuit, fins, towels, etc., should only cost you a mere ¥1,000 in on-the-spot rental fees.


1429 Nagatoro-cho, Nagatoro-cho, Chichibu-gun, Saitama 369-1305

Access Information

Train : 3 min walk from Kami-Nagatoro Station on Chichibu Railway.
Car : 20 minutes from Hanazono IC on Kanetsu Expressway.

Phone number


Business hours

In season March to October, 10:00 AM -7:00 PM.
Check the booking calendar on the official website for tour availability.

Regular holidays and closed days

In season March to October, no days off.
Winter, irregular holidays.


From ¥6,000 per/person (prices vary according to dates).

Parking Information

Free parking available.


Rafting tours : from 7 years old and up.
River Boogie tours - from 15 years old or over.

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