SAMURAI SWORD The Ultimate Experience

Sword smiths keep 1,000 years of Japanese tradition alive today

3H ¥65,000 Recommendation
1H from Tokyo

In the town of Kamikawa in the northwestern part of Saitama Prefecture, there is a sword smith who opened a sword smithy as if guided by the god of steel.
The Japanese sword is known as one of Japan's world-class traditional crafts, but in fact it is so connected to the spiritual world of the Japanese people that it can be said to be the very soul of Japan. The Japanese sword, which has been handed down from the Heian period to the present, is not only a work of art, but also a spiritual guardian deity that protects people from illness and evil spirits. You can experience the traditional skills and spirit of Japanese swordsmithing at Fusahiro, where the ancient swordsmith method has been preserved and passed down from generation to generation.
Please experience the culture and spirit of the Japanese sword by feeling the burning flames, the hot air, and the sound of striking iron with your whole body, and experience the ultimate forging technique.

【 Schedule 】
9:00 AM Meet at Honjo Waseda Station on the Joetsu Shinkansen (meet your interpreter guide) and take a cab
9:15 AM Arrive at the Fusahiro Japanese Sword Forge Lecture by Shimojima on Japanese swords (60 minutes), observe the forging process and view Japanese swords (60 minutes)
11:30 AM Take a cab to Honjo Waseda Station
11:45 AM Arrive at Honjo Waseda Station

Recommended point

Meet the interpreter guide at Honjo Waseda Station on the Joetsu Shinkansen. Take a cab to Fusahiro Japanese Sword Forge. Upon arrival, you will take in a lecture by sword smith Fusahiro Shimojima on the culture, history, and spirit of Japanese swords, as well as the process of Japanese sword smithing.

Recommended point

You will see the actual forging process using TAMA-HAGANE, translated to steel made from iron sand or black sand. Please feel the powerful forging technique.

Recommended point

You will actually hold a Japanese sword in your hands and learn how to appreciate it. You will experience the ultimate in Japanese sword art. You will experience the weight of the sword and the beauty of its unique blade pattern and design.

Our staff will guide you with the utmost care, but we do not allow visitors who have been drinking. For everyone’s safety, please follow the guidance and instructions of the staff in the Dojo. If you wish to purchase a Japanese sword, please consult with the staff on the day.


1154-3, Moto-Abo, Kamikawa-cho, Kodama-gun, Saitama 367-0247, Japan

Access Information

10 minutes drive from Shinkansen (Bullet Train) Honjo Waseda Station

Phone number


Regular holidays and closed days

Saturday, Sunday, Holiday


65,000 yen (for 2 persons, per person price) *Please consult us for single person price.

Parking Information



The following cancellation fees will apply in the event of a cancellation for reasons attributable to the customer.
Cancellation up to 8 days prior to the date of use : FREE
From 7 days prior to the date of use to the day of use, or no-show without notice : 100% of the total amount

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