Dyeing Experience with Natural Indigo at Kaerujirushi

Experience making the world's one and only original handkerchief using traditional techniques unique to Japan.

2H ¥3000~ Culture
1H from Tokyo

Visitors can delight in an indigo dyeing encounter rooted in traditional methods, free from the use of chemicals. This simplified version offers a beginner-friendly approach to the professional traditional method, making it accessible for first-time foreign visitors to authentically experience indigo dyeing. Rarely can you find a location where you have the opportunity to engage in natural indigo dyeing firsthand. Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of indigo dyeing. We trust you'll relish the experience.

Recommended point

Following an introduction to indigo, we proceed to create the pattern on the handkerchief.

Recommended point

Create your own indigo-dyed handkerchief and take it home the very same day!


Mr. Kazuo Osawa

Mr. Kazuo Osawa

This workshop practices a method of indigo dyeing called Ash-Lye Fermentation, which has been passed down since the Edo period.

In Ash-Lye Fermentation indigo dyeing, no chemical substances are used at all. Instead, natural materials are employed, making it friendly to both the environment and people. After extracting all the dye from the indigo, the leftover residue can be scattered in fields, serving as excellent fertilizer and returning to the soil.

The greatest charm of Ash-Lye Fermentation indigo dyeing lies in the ability to create those beautiful colors without polluting nature. Currently, it is said that Ash-Lye Fermentation accounts for only a small percentage of overall indigo dyeing. Despite being labor-intensive, the workshop is committed to going the extra mile to produce genuine, authentic products.


84 Yanaginomiya, Yashio, Saitama 340-0832, Japan

Access Information

From Soka Train Station on the Tobu Skytree Line (accessible via Hibiya Line and Hanzomon Line), take a bus from the East Exit. The bus is headed in the direction of Ito-Yokado.
Get off at Miyashirobashi bus stop, just a 1-minute walk away. This bus is bound for Yashio Station North Exit via Yanaginomiya.
From Yashio Train Station, buses depart from the North Exit on the Tsukuba Express.
Take the bus bound for Soka Train Station East Exit via Yanaginomiya. Get off at Miyashirobashi bus stop, from there it is a 1-minute walk away.

Phone number


Business hours

Morning session : 9:30 AM
Afternoon session : 1:30 PM

Regular holidays and closed days

Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, Mid-August "Obon" Summer Holiday, and the New Year holidays.


¥3,000 + tax per person

Parking Information

Space for five regular cars or one large bus.


We accept reservations for a minimum of 4 persons. We cannot accommodate additional reservations if there is an existing booking. Please wear attire you don't mind getting dirty.

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