Metropolitan Area Outer Discharge Channel

Japan's world-class underground temple for disaster prevention!

1H ¥1,000~¥4,000 Adventure
1H from Tokyo

To help visitors learn more about the role of the Metropolitan Area Outer Discharge Channel, a regional flood control facility, we have enhanced the attractiveness of the tours and launched a new tour as the second phase of the social experiment.
In addition to the popular tour of the underground temple pressure regulating tank," the work corridor, pump room, gas turbine section, and impeller section, which were previously closed to the public, have been newly opened to visitors. We invite you to experience the grandeur of the Metropolitan Area Outer Discharge Channel.

Recommended point

【Excitement for All! Underground Shrine Route : A great tour for families and groups!】
The 1 hour tour covers the highlights of the facility, focusing on the main tank known as the Underground Shrine.
Specialist Underground Shrine Concierges will be your tour guide and show you round.

Recommended point

【Thrills Galore! Bank Route : Walk round the top of the 70m-deep vertical shaft】
This route lets you enjoy 2 major highlights of the facility : the pressure-adjusting water tank which is reminiscent of an underground shrine, and the massive No.1 Bank vertical shaft.
With safety hatness and helmet, you can take a thrilling walk along the catwalk at the top of the 70m-deep No.1 Bank.

Recommended point

【Explore the Depths! Pump Route : The only pumping facility of its kind in Japan】
This route takes you to the pump room which houses 4 huge pumps that discharge the water stored in the shrine-like pressure-adjusting water tank into the Edogawa River, and a special gasturbine which is a modified version of a jetliner turbine.*The gas turbine cannot be viewed when the pumps are working.

<<New Course!>>Plenty to see and do! Impeller Exploration Course

The number 1 request from our Customers!
You can see the huge impeller at the innermost part of the pressure regulating tank,
which has finally been released, with special equipment.
This course is full of attractions, from the first shaft to the pressure regulating tank and the impeller of the drainage pump, where you can really feel the flow of water. Wear hip waders (boots) and a helmet as equipment.

   ◆Capacity: 20 people

   ◆Duration: 110 minutes

   ◆Fare (per person): ¥4,000

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720 Kamikanazaki, Kasukabe-shi, Saitama 344-0111 Japan

Access Information

Minami Sakurai Station North Exit → Kasukabe City Community Bus Haru Bus (get off at Ryu-Q-Kan) From Minami Sakurai Station North Exit : about 25-30 minutes on foot (about 2.3 km)
By car : Approx. 30 minutes (approx. 15 km) from the Satte IC and the Goka IC of the Ken-O Expressway

Phone number


Official URL

Business hours

10:30 AM - 4:00 PM (final closing time for tours is 5:00 PM)

Regular holidays and closed days

None *Tours may not be held on certain days due to facility inspection days, etc.


Full of Highlights! Impella Exploration Course : ¥4,000
Full of power! Vertical Pile Experience Course : ¥3,000
Explore the depths! Enjoy the Pump Course : ¥2,500
Easy to join! Underground Temple Course : ¥1,000

Parking Information

Free for cars, ¥2,000 for group bus


Foreign languages (voice guide) available : English/Chinese *Advance reservations required.

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