Experience Japanese Culture with Seibu Railway

Experience Japanese Culture with Seibu Railway

Enjoy a day of fun sightseeing with Seibu Railway's one-day pass from either Ikebukuro or Shinjuku Station. Step back in time to 1960s Japan at Seibu Yuenchi Amusement Park and immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of that era. Experience modern architecture and contemporary Japanese pop culture at Tokorozawa Sakura Town.


Ikebukuro Station (9:00 AM)

Approximately 60 minutes: from Ikebukuro Station (Seibu Ikebukuro Line) - to Nishi-Tokorozawa Station (Seibu Sayama Line) - to Seibu-Kyujomae Station (Seibu Yamaguchi Line) - to Seibu-en Yuenchi Station (On foot) ... to Seibu Yuenchi

Seibuen Amusement Park

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Fill your heart with the warmth of the Showa Era, 1926-1989.

Seibuen Amusement Park

A world filled with warmth and happiness (From ASOVIEW ) Once you step into the venue, you will be transported back to the nostalgic world of the 1960s, where energy, vitality, and enthusiasm abound. Guests themselves will be immersed in the unpredictable and breathtaking live performances that will take place throughout the shopping arcade. Seibuen currency will be introduced to turn the shopping experience into an attraction. The cinema, perched on a hill above the shopping arcade, will be showing "Ultraman the Ride : The Great Duel of the Century" and "Godzilla the Ride : The Great Monster Summit Battle," two large-scale ride attractions that combine the wisdom of Japan's leading creators, that opened up on September 14th. Beyond the lively shopping district, visitors will find an array of amusement park attractions that is sure to immerse them in a very nostalgic experience.

Approximately 60 minutes: from Seibu-en Yuenchi (on foot) ... Seibu-en Yuenchi Station (Seibu Yamaguchi Line) - to Seibu-Kyujomae Station (Seibu Sayama Line) - to Nishi-Tokorozawa Station (Seibu Ikebukuro Line) - to Akitsu Station, exit and walk to Shin-Akitsu Station (JR Musashino Line) - to Higashi-Tokorozawa Station, from there 10 min. walk to Tokorozawa Sakura Town.

Kadokawa Culture Museum

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Kadokawa Culture Museum

A cultural complex that combines a library, art museum, and museum. Under the supervision of editorial engineer Seigo Matsuoka, naturalist Hiroshi Aramata, architect Kengo Kuma, and curator and arts researcher Shingo Jinno, it will present culture from multiple perspectives, from main culture to pop culture.

Approximately 1 minutes: from Kadokawa Musashino Museum (on foot) ... Musashino Reiwa Shrine

Tokorozawa Sakura Town (Musashino Reiwa Shrine)

4:05 PM - 4:20 PM

A Sacred Site of Cool Japan

Tokorozawa Sakura Town (Musashino Reiwa Shrine)

Unlike the museum's simple look, the Musashino Reiwa Shrine is a standout with its futuristic style, featuring colorful gates and bold glass elements. As the main gateway to Japan's 88 Anime holy places, if you're heading on an Anime pilgrimage, start here to wish for a safe journey. The massive ceiling painting inside, created by Yoshitaka Amano known for 'Final Fantasy,' showcases a dynamic and impressive phoenix that you won't want to miss!

Approximately 60 minutes: from Tokorozawa Sakura Town (on foot) ... to Higashi-Tokorozawa Station (JR Musashino Line) - to Shin-Akitsu Station …exit and walk to Akitsu Station (Seibu-Ikebukuro Line) - to Ikebukuro Station].


Ikebukuro Station (arrivie at 5:20 PM)

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