Experience Hana Chozu Flower Arrangements at Oshijo Castle!

Craft your own personalized flower arrangement with the help of an English-speaking guide!

2H ¥8,000~ Nature Culture Recommendation
1H from Tokyo

Embark on a unique adventure as you craft Hana Chozu, Water Basin Flower Arrangements, at Oshijo Castle in Gyoda-shi City, a location celebrated in novels and movies. Choose your favorite flowers to create a personalized masterpiece and capture a memorable photo with your creation! Join us for this exclusive experience, tailored to our unique setting. English-speaking guides are available for our international guests.

Recommended point

Meet with your guide at the Buratto Gyoda Tourist Product Center.

Recommended point

【Buy your favorite flowers】
Select and purchase your preferred flowers at a nearby flower shop.

Recommended point

【Creation experience】
Discover the art of crafting "Hana Chozu" at the Oshijo Castle and capture a commemorative photo with your creation!

Due to the arrangements required for the Tour Guide,

please make your reservation at least five days in advance.


Gyoda Omotenashi Tourism Bureau:    (Mr.) Tomiyama, Norikazu

Gyoda Omotenashi Tourism Bureau: (Mr.) Tomiyama, Norikazu

Amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic,     the tradition of ‘Hana Chozu,’ or Water Basin Flower Arrangements, has swiftly become a nationwide phenomenon. By now, most travel enthusiasts are likely acquainted with it. However, the ‘Hana Chozu’ in the city of Gyoda stands out as truly exceptional. Scattered across approximately 100 locations throughout the city, ranging from Oshijo Castle to shrines, shopping streets, and even private residences, it creates a distinctive tapestry. All year round, the town is adorned with a myriad of vibrant flowers, forming a captivating ‘Hana Chozu’ town officially recognized as a designated Japanese heritage site, the sole one in Saitama Prefecture. Why not enjoy a leisurely stroll through these enchanting streets, camera in hand, to discover the historical Tabi-Shoes Merchant House in addition to the various ‘Hana Chozu’ spots?Additionally, we’d like to introduce you to the art of crafting ‘Hana Chozu’ Water Basin Flower Arrangements at Oshijo Castle, one of the seven renowned castles in the Kanto region. Challenge yourself to create a one-of-a-kind ‘Hana Chozu’ flower arrangement that guarantees to bring joy to those who visit.


2-1-8 Oshi, Gyoda City, Saitama 361-0077 Japan (Gyoda City Commerce and Industry Center 1F)

Access Information

6 minute walk from Gyodashi Station

Phone number


Business hours

10:00 AM or 1:30 PM
Please arrive at your reserved time, and be sure to allow ample time for your journey on the day of your visit.

Regular holidays and closed days

Closed Every Tuesday


Group 1 : Set price at 8,000 JPY
Up to 4 individuals can join each group.

Parking Information

Parking is available, and reservations are not required.


When a cancellation is made by the customer's convenience, please be aware that the following cancellation fees will apply :
Up to 2 days before the date of use : Free of charge.
1 day before the date of use, on the day of use, or in case of a no-show without prior notice : 100% of the fee.

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