Stylish experience with SAMURAI TABI

Gyoda is known for Tabi Shoes! A tour of the castle in futuristic, fashionable Tabi Shoes

3H ¥25000~ Culture Recommendation
1H from Tokyo

A fashion item that adorns the feet of Japanese kimonos is the traditional Japanese tabi sock Shoes. Gyoda has a history of about 300 years, and is the most active town in Japan in Tabi Shoes production. Usually, plain white ones are the norm.
But Musashino Uniform is famous for making unique and exciting Tabi Shoes that match modern fashion.
Learn the history of Gyoda Tabi Shoes at Musashino Uniform, experience making your own Tabi Shoes, and choose your favorite Samurai-tabi and Yukata! Take a commemorative photo at Oshijo Castle or Sakitama Ancient Tomb Park, the symbol of Gyoda City. You can take home the SAMURAITABI of your choice as a souvenir. The product of the Tabi Shoes making experience will be mailed to you at a later date after the craftsman has finished the final touches as the world's only pair of Tabi Shoes.   
Schedule ;
9:00 AM Gather at Kumagaya Station (meet the interpreter guide), transfer by chartered cab
9:20 AM Arrive at Musashino Uniforms, receive guidance on how to make Gyoda Tabi Shoes (20 minutes), experience finishing Tabi Shoes (15 minutes), experience making your own Tabi Shoes (30 minutes), experience wearing SAMURAITABI and Yukata (25 minutes)
11:00 AM SAMURAITABI and yukata wearing, enjoy walking around the city [Oshijo Castle, Sakitama Old Park, Gyoda Hachiman Shrine, etc.] at the place of your choice and take a commemorative photo
1:00 PM Arrive at Kumagaya Station

Recommended point

Assemble :
Take a cab to Musashino Uniform with an interpreter guide at Kumagaya Station. A lecture on the history of Gyoda Tabi Shoes and the evolution of SAMURAITABI. You will take in a lecture while watching a movie of those days in the store with a sewing machine in Taisho-romantic 1912-1926 atmosphere.

Recommended point

Making a one and only original Tabi Shoes in the world.
After a lecture on Tabi Shoes, participants will actually experience the final process of making Tabi Shoes. You will then create your own design on a white Tabi Shoes. After the final process is completed by the craftsman, the Tabi Shoes will be sent to your home at a later date. It is an exciting moment and will bring back great memories when you receive it.

Recommended point

SAMURAITABI and costumes for commemorative photo. Choose your favorite SAMURAITABI and costume, and move on to your favorite sightseeing spot in the city. Recommended spots are Oshijo Castle, or Sakitama Ancient Tomb Park, and Gyoda Hachiman Shrine! Take a commemorative photo in a modern Japanese mood.


2-7-7 Fujiwara-cho, Gyoda-shi, Saitama 361-0016

Access Information

10 minutes drive from Gyoda-shi Station

Phone number


Business hours

9:00 AM -6:00 PM

Regular holidays and closed days

Off on Saturday, Sunday, Holidays


From 25,000 yen

Parking Information

Parking Available


The following cancellation fees will apply in the event of a cancellation for reasons attributable to the customer.
Cancellation up to 3 days prior to the date of use : Free of charge
2 days to the day of, or no-show : 100% of the total amount

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