Take on a hands-on, mini tatami mat-making experience

Immerse yourself in the quintessential Japanese art form of Tatami Mats.

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Embark on a captivating journey through Japan's cultural heritage with Miyazaki Tatami Shop's tatami-making experience. Uncover the 1,300-year history of tatami mats, integral to navigating Japan's varied climates. Join us for an immersive factory tour and hands-on session, where our amiable owner will guide you through crafting miniature tatami mats in just 30 minutes. Immerse yourself in the artistry of Japanese tradition and culture, departing with a tangible piece of cherished craftsmanship.

Curious about what a Tatami mat is? In essence, it's a traditional Japanese flooring material crafted from rice straw or compressed wood, commonly found in Japanese-style rooms. A standard tatami mat measures about 3 feet by 6 feet (0.9 meters by 1.8 meters), frequently used to define room layouts in Japanese architecture.

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Miyazaki Tatami Mat Shop, here in Yoshimi Town, Saitama Prefecture, is a sanctuary of tradition. Our adept craftsmen, acknowledged as first-class tatami mat technicians, have been honored with the Minister of Labor's Award at the Japan National Skills Exhibition. Immerse yourself in the essence of Japanese tatami mat culture with us, where ancient traditions dating back to the Nara Period (710 to 794 AD) come to life.

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Embark on the art of crafting your own mini tatami mats in our hands-on experience, and take home your delightful creations. Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of the Miyazaki Tatami Mat Shop factory, where skilled craftsmen diligently work with the fragrant Igusa (Rush Grass). Choose from a selection of traditional Japanese patterns as you delve into the captivating world of tatami making. Fully experience the allure of Japanese tatami by crafting practical Igusa coasters and miniature mats, perfect for both functionality and interior adornment. Our workshops welcome participants of all ages, from small children to senior citizens! Feel free to join us and unleash your creativity.

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Explore our factory with friendly and helpful guides. We're happy to welcome visitors from around the world, giving them a chance to learn about tatami mats through interesting tours and hands-on experiences.

The owner is exceptionally friendly and enthusiastic.

As for accessibility, if you’re using the bus from either Konosu or Higashimatsuyama Stations, it is advisable to take a taxi from the station, as the nearest bus stop is quite a distance away.


Miyasaki Satoshi

Miyasaki Satoshi

We’d love our international friends to experience Japan’s rich traditions. Our factory is equipped with Wi-Fi for your convenience. Come join us, and immerse yourself in the soothing scent of Igusa (Rush Grass), the material used in our Tatami mats, adding an extra touch of relaxation to your experience. We look forward to welcoming you!





386, Jitoho, Yoshimi-machi, Hiki-gun, Saitama, Japan

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Just a 20-minute taxi ride from JR Konosu, Fukiage, and Kumagaya Stations, as well as from Higashi-Matsuyama Station on the Tobu Tojo Line.

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